About Kadambari

Kadambari Deodhar, founder of Impression and Beyond, is a Qualified Image Consultant, trained from the Institute of Business Consulting, under the curriculum designed by Judith Rasband.

A leading finance professional, Kadambari holds a Master’s degree in Economics. She has held key positions at JM Financial, has been the Vice President at Nucleus Securities, and was the Head of Operations at Ashok Leyland Investment Services. In 1998, she joined Mata Securities, one of India’s foremost broking firms as one of its Directors, a title she held till recently. She started the corporate desk at Nucleus Securities, was responsible for launching the debt desk at Ashok Leyland and has been the business driver at Mata Securities.
For most of her professional life, Kadambari has been in positions of seniority, requiring her to work extensively with clients as well as make hiring decisions. It was her experience at the helm that made her realize the value of making a first impression and its role in building credibility with both clients and employers. She has developed a thorough understanding of Image Management and has used her learnings to train her own employees in grooming and presentation, which was crucial to the success of the client-led financial services she was a part of.

Kadambari believes that a professional’s external image has a tremendous bearing on the success of their career not just in terms of getting the job he or she wants but also in terms of career advancement and mobility. She also feels that each and every professional deserves the opportunity to highlight the best that they have to offer, which could be hidden if the right impressions are not made.

After having additionally honed her skills at the Image Consulting Business Institute, Kadambari has distilled the essence of her experiences into her organisation, Impression & Beyond. From personal grooming to manners, from how to professionally conduct yourself to how to avoid commonly made mistakes, Impression & Beyond trains you to develop and maintain an image which will sustain you for the rest of your life.